5 reasons to Invest in Slatwall Panels and Accessories

As somebody who has worked in the shop fitting business for many years, I have had the opportunity to visit many retail outlets across the United Kingdom and to observe the way they evolve over time.

Some have unfortunately gone by the wayside but others have gone from strength to strength. Something that all the survivors have in common is their attitude toward in-store displays. Those that take their displays seriously are, on the whole, those that have thrived over the years.



Could Slatwall Be the Difference Maker?

Of the store owners who take product displays very seriously, a large percentage use the industry’s most popular panel and accessory display system in their stores. Whether this can really be the deciding factor as far as long-term success is concerned is debatable but it really does seem to make a big difference from what I have observed.


1. Professional Look – One of the hardest goals for independent retailers to achieve is a store interior that looks every bit as professional as those in upmarket retail outlets that have been in business for many years and have access to far greater financial resources. The Slatwall display system scores highly in this department as it provides small store owners with an affordable solution that can look every bit as good as the custom made solutions employed by high end outlets.

2. Uniform Approach – Even large chains with hundreds of outlets across the country can benefit from this display system. Its modular nature means it is easy to scale up from small displays to large ones and by employing the same system in all your outlets, you can ensure that employees can transfer their skills and knowledge from one branch to another with ease.

3. Cost – As one of the more affordable integrated display systems on the market, it is a great choice for retailers both large and small. The importance of keeping operating costs to a minimum is something that all retailers agree on and this type of system makes the task a little easier to accomplish.

4. Availability – It might seem like a small concern when placing a one-off order but it is important to consider the future, even at the earliest stages of running a new retail business. The widespread availability of this particular display system makes it a great choice for retailers who are keen to expand in the future.

5. Durability – Creating a professional store interior and maintaining it in the long term are two completely different things and only high quality fittings like this system will allow you to achieve both objectives with ease.


The stores I have visited that have managed to compete with the best in the business in terms of interior layout, design and longevity are those that have adopted this ubiquitous display system and used it to good effect over the years.

Those that have failed are, by and large, those which have failed to adopt any kind of systematic approach to store displays.

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How Social Data can be your best friend?


Today it is very important to know how you are interacting with the audience. The way customers and business talk has changed fundamentally. It is not just the verbal conversation, it’s more about videos, images and GIF’s today. The question is how the businesses are going to adapt with this change. When the society changes its ways, its the responsibility of the businesses to change along with the, or they will lag behind. It’s very important to track the social data today and using the technology to use it to the optimum performance.

analyse social data

For example, Amazon know what you buy, when do you buy and when do you browse but Walmart as a store doesn’t have all these details and can’t provide the customer better. So what are the main benefits of the social data today? Here are the 4 vital ways in which you can use social data as your best friend.

Noticing Patterns in Conversations

There was a case in the US when one of the retailers found out that there was some shooting that took place outside one of his stores via social media about 15 mins early than the official call from police would have informed him.

Once a France food brand had not listed a meat element in a vegetarian product because it legally didn’t have to.When the news hit the first page of the newspapers, the food brand realized that if it had pondered upon the social media conversations, this would not have happened in the first place.

Customer Experiences

Knowing how the customer would react to your ideas is really important. Using the data from the social conversations can really help you in this regard. Argos once got rid of the ‘laminated book of dreams’ and replaced it with the Apple iPads but they didn’t care about the people’s reaction towards it. Argos listened to what people had to say using the social data and it found effective regional differences in preference by studying social data as well.

Market Research 

Here the example of Sony when it’s marketing campaign for the first e-reader was started, it assumed that only the young males would opt for this. But after releasing it and analysing the social conversations, it was found that it was the females who were more interested than men. So they released the product again by segmenting it to suit them better by devising a new marketing campaign.

Sales Strategy

The most important thing to know when you own a brand is what your customer needs and what they prefer in their daily routine. For example if you own a clothing brand, you can browse through their social profiles and know what they are specifically interested in and then target them to convert them into leads.

Future totally depends on how well the brands recognize the value of social relationships and conversations. Social data can totally change the it has changed the business approach. So what do you guys think about this new trend? Are you using the social data for maximum reach? Share the story if you liked it, keep visiting for more such interesting updates.


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5 Ways to Boost Mobile Conversions


With the mobile traffic becoming a majority to the retail websites, it is very important to provide a great mobile experience to the users and hence increase the conversions. The 14 best retail websites were examined recently in order to help the ecommerce business owners to improve their user experience. The research involved 118 mobile blockers and the best practices from Amazon, Argo and more. So today we are going to tell you the 5 way in which you can boost your mobile conversions more.

ways to boost mobile conversions

Let Customers Control Product Listing Pages

There must be a facility for the smartphone users to filter and sort out the products as it is very tough to scan through a large number of products to find what a user wants to actually buy. In the survey, it was found that filtering and sorting didn’t work properly on 4 of the tested websites and users could not filter in the way they wanted to.

Design Simple Forms

There should be a simple form interaction for the users while they are buying anything or submitting a support ticket. The forms can be improved in the areas like entering the email and password a couple of times, a country drop-down with 190 of them listed alphabetically and the DOB field being not mandatory and allow capitalisation of email address without generating an error.

Store Locator

A simple access to the store page should be a priority by adopting a simple multi-page approach than stuffing it all in one-page.Usually people embed the maps which make it very difficult for the users to scroll down to the store page.

Mobile Optimization 

Of the 5 websites tested, all of them were not optimized for mobile phone and presented the desktop pages. When people looked out for the Contact Us information, it was very hard to read because of the desktop page shown on the smartphones. Optimizing this experience can be very effective as mobile users want everything on their fingertips so showing the desktop pages on smartphones is useless.

Speed-up your mobile experience

About half of the retail websites which were tested had some performance issues and were very slow even when people were using Wi-fi connections. The speed doesn’t depend only on the page-size but also on the optimization of the CSS and JS code which renders the page. It is a good practice to set a 2-second page load bar and optimize things in order to achieve that on different devices by testing on different internet connections.

There are a lot of improvements made by the retailers in the last 12 months but the expectations of customers from the mobile websites have increase way too much. There was a time when people used to curse their smartphones or internet connections as the retail website couldn’t perform well enough so that they could successfully complete a transaction, today people are smart enough and they curse the retailer.

So it is very important to take note of these 5 tips which we shared today about boosting the mobile conversions and careful implementation of these can really help you to increase your mobile sales as well and take your business to a totally new level. Share our article if you enjoyed it and keep following for more such regular updates.


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6 Marketing Automation Mistakes Not To Make

In the recent years, marketing automation has taken a new route and has advanced a lot. Marketing automation has helped the businesses to scale in many ways and also proved to be very efficient. From small to large businesses each of them focus on generating leads, lead scoring and focused on such response involving activities. There are a lot of benefits of a powerful marketing automation system however there are some drawbacks as well which you should know if you are planning a new automation strategy for your own business. So here we are sharing some of the good advices which could help you run your business well on automation in the long run.

marketing automation

Not knowing your target audience or buyers

If you wish to make the most out of your marketing automation strategy, it is very important to know who the target audience is and who are your buyers. Browsing through the customer profile is a really important step. Start with knowing who are the buyers for different products, find an average number of buyers for each product daily, deivse buyer personas and know their needs correctly and finally decide a good marketing automation solution for the same.

Not having a clear data strategy

You should always have a well thought and clear data strategy if you are looking to automate your marketing process. As the data quality is very vital and that is what will decide what exactly you can do with the leads. So it’s important to collect all the necessary data usually maintaining a database for the First Name, email, industry and company size is really a good way to start. Know what are the data fields that matter you the most to provide your customers better and later you can even use a progressive profiling tool for collecting data in different prospects.

Not investing time in testing and implementation

Most of the companies are too eager to see the final output and end up not giving much time to test the different strategies in automation. There needs to be a thought and well planned automation process with crafted definitions and sorted agreements between different departments as well which would possibly be affected by the marketing automation process. If not enough testing is done on the sample data, you will eventually face a lot of confusions and difficulties in the whole process.

Not producing enough relevant content

Content is a very crucial part of the marketing automation process. The content should perfectly match the buyers personas and should be very relevant to the different services you provide and also keeping in mind the customer’s behaviour. Not a single piece of content can fit in all the programs and it can’t be used for all purposes. Content should be aimed at customer engagement which fulfills their needs and hence gets you more sales. It should create a buying vision in the minds of your target audience.

Not knowing the benchmarks

Knowing your market and the competitors well can help you to know the minimum expectations that you should keep for your marketing automation process. It helps you to identify the important performance metrics which could change the game totally.

Having no patience

Marketing automation process is a slow and steady process which requires constant dedication and determination. The hard-work you put in to create perfect content, buyers personas and defining agreements should be constant throughout the lifetime of your business. The investment what you put in along with the risk is what will return in future.

Avoiding these mistakes can really help you succeed while trying to execute a good marketing automation plan. Commitment is what always helps when you want to build something huge. So keep working hard and follow us for more such updates.

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Create a Well-Defined Data Strategy For Your Business

In today’s digitalized world, it is very important to have a well-defined business strategy for a particular company. Today a lot of statistics show that the businesses are struggling to create a coherent data strategy. A proper and clear business strategy can help to have good future as well as create healthy relationships between your brand and the customers. This article would be clearly dealing with the benefits of a good data strategy, elements and some questions which you should be able to answer if you own a company and have a good strategy defined.

data strategy

Benefits of a well-defined data strategy

  1. Personalization: Know where your customers belong as this will help you to serve them better.
  2. Serviceability through channels: All the customers expect a good and seamless experience. It is very important that you provide the customer via the different channels they use.
  3. Scalability: Having a good data strategy will ensure that you won’t have data related obstacles. New technology usually doesn’t fix the data strategy which isn’t perfectly tailored.
  4. Media Connections: A lot of media channels can make the user experience look bad. So deciding advertisement through which channels would get sales is a crucial step so that would help you to understand the buyer behavior.
  5. Business Culture: There should be a data-driven culture which can help a business to serve better to your customers.

Elements of a Good data strategy

  • Data Cleansing

What type of data you need to run your organization? How often does the data need to be updated? Which data can help you achieve your business goals?

  • Data Integration

How the data should be shared using different channels? So the data connections are equally important as the data collections.

  • Data Storage

Data availability is very important and it may vary as some people would require it to be real time and other times the access to data may not be so important. How should the data be accessed or managed? Should it be SaaS or in your own organization? Every choice has its own advantage or disadvantage so it’s on you how your business should work

  • Data Analysis and Governance

You need to define a set of KPI’s in order to measure what you are working on which will help you to manage well. What are the analytical resources you would need? Also there should be proper governance as well and all roles and responsibilities should be defined well for good approvals and workflows

data strategy

Important Questions to Ask

These are the set of questions that a business should be able to answer and which can help to check on the developing strategy!

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What, where and when do you need the data?
  • Where is the database record for the different kinds of data?
  • Where do you need real time data?
  • What data knowledge and skills are in the organization?
  • How much is your data worth?

The data strategy is ever evolving and the requirements change from time to time. As data perfection can be expensive try to maintain a balance with increase in development of the imperfect world we inhabit. You need a data strategy which develops over time in the same way as the business or IT plan does.


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Can fake reviews protect reputation of companies?

fake reviews

There are a lot of difficulties and obstacles faced by new businesses or companies. A new company has to manage a lot of things including their employees, brand value as well as customer relationship in order to grow at a good rate. There has been a lot taken out by the means of social media today in the form of online reviews, Facebook, Twitter and nowadays Instagram also helps a new company to show-off it’s potential to a large audience.

When we talk about the online buzz, there is a term known as ‘negative reviews’ which are very bad for a company and for a new or small business, it can be almost a threat to death. It may be possible that the negative reviews are the result of the evil mind of someone else as well and companies today are finding it hard to fight back to such actions by the competitors. (more…)

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